Metopic synostosis diagnosis

Males are affected more commonly in a ratio of male to female of 3:1. Metopic synostosis is associated with a low level of longer term developmental delay, which seems unrelated to the degree of the deformity or whether surgery is performed.

Diagnosis is made by a combination of clinical and radiological assessment, with subsequent referral for multidisciplinary management in a formal craniofacial team.

At the Australian Craniofacial Unit, this initial assessment includes review by a Craniofacial surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Ophthalmologist as well as detailed 3D CT scan examination.

Metopic synostosis treatment

Where the triangular deformity is sufficiently severe, surgical correction by a Fronto-orbital advancement (FOA) is performed between 6-12 months of age. Any further surgery after infancy in this condition is uncommon. Further details of the surgery and aftercare are available on the Cleft and Craniofacial SA (C&CSA) website.

Long term follow-up until skeletal maturity is routine to monitor neuro-development and forehead shape and form.

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